Head Check Screening for Camps and Schools
No Nit Noggins screens individuals for head lice in schools, summer camps, preschool programs, colleges and, on one occasion, a retirement home. Early detection and treatment of head lice is the only way to prevent lice from spreading amongst people who reside, work or play together. Therefore, many camps and schools take a proactive approach to treating lice: they hire a Professional Lice Removal Company to screen all children, faculty and staff for lice and nits (lice eggs) at the start of each new term or camp session. No Nit Noggins also screens for lice when lice infestation is first detected in a group setting.
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Lice Removal for Camps and Schools
No Nit Noggins has treated many college students, boarding school students and campers for lice infestation using all-natural, chemical-free lice and nit removal methods. The close quarters typical of group living makes it especially difficult to contain a lice infestation. Early detection and treatment is essential to prevent lice from spreading. Recognizing the urgency of containment, many schools and camps facilitate the lice removal process by providing a private room on-sight for No Nit Noggins use for head lice treatment.

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