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Over 950,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple happy customers have to say.

My kids have been suffering with lice for such a long time. I found out about this place and went right away. I was very happy with the service, the staff, and the treatment. So far so good, just waiting to make sure we don’t find any eggs that may have been left behind. I would definitely recommend no nit noggins!!*

Carolyn C.Glendale, AZ

I’m so happy I found this place. When I found out my daughter had lice I freaked out, with my work schedule there was no way I would find some time to treat it myself. Lynette was so patient and so detailed. I recommend the full treatment to make sure you’re not having to deal with these little creature for weeks or even months.*

Daisy C.Glendale, AZ

I cannot express how grateful I am for No Nit Noggins. After a week of stressing about possibly having lice (cleaning all sheets and clothes, combing endlessly, contemplating shaving my hair off, etc.) their technician was able to thoroughly comb through my hair and assure me that I did not have lice and likely never did. They are honest, super responsive, and all of the staff members helped to create a calming atmosphere throughout the entire experience. I would recommend them.*

Sierra G.Scottsdale, AZ

All the staff are fabulous! My daughter was told at school that she had lice so I took her in and they checked both my daughter and I and gave us the ALL clear that she did not have it & that it was a false alarm. They did our hair really cute too in braids! We hope we don’t have to go back, but have recommended them to everyone I know who needs lice treatment! We love No Nit Noggins!*

Laura L.Glendale, AZ

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