"Introducing a safer, faster more effective head lice treatment"

No Nit Noggins is proud to bring the revolutionary head lice removal AirAlle' Device to Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley areas

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We offer the latest and safest head lice removal technology available. You can be rest assured that we will kill head lice and the eggs in one single “30 Minute” AirAlle’ ™ treatment, naturally without the use of harmful chemicals.


We are proud to offer the revolutionary AirAllé™ treatment in Phoenix. We can get rid of your head lice problems quickly and safely, and our clients couldn’t be happier. Read what our clients have to say about our professional lice removal services.

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When comparing our Professional Head-LiceRemoval Services at our convenient Head-Lice Treatment Center located in Scottsdale, Arizona to dangerous over-the-counter pesticides and chemicals, which are resistant to Super Lice, the choice is clear! Those toxic and ineffective treatments no longer work and are due to lice mutating over extended periods of time. This causes a lot of frustration for parents who treat at home. Those ineffective, repeated home treatments are time consuming, require lots of repeated lice removal combing.This can take hours not to mention missed work and missed school. Those costs alone are not worth the stress. The choice is clear. Get rid of Head Lice Today with our Professional Head Lice Removal Technician. All Technicians are Trained and Certified Medical Assistants Call us right now for your Single Lice Treatment and for our 30-Day Guarantee! Once and Done Lice treatment in approximately 1 hour.

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